ABout Us

Company profile

Plastcon Group sells polymeric plastic products (pipes and pipe fittings), concrete pipes, concrete wells, steel products and type of cables.

Beyond that, directions of activities of the company includes organizing the sale of the materials required in establishment of water, gas and sewerage systems, as well as other construction fields. Implementation of successful projects and continuance of works in this field stands in the center of our activities.

Sumgait Technologies Park

Especially since 70s of the 20th century thanks to far-seeing and wise policy of the national leader Heydar Aliyev development of our current prosperous economy was established. Multiple economic reforms were carried out due to the efforts and skills of Mr President Ilham Aliyev, a worthy successor of this policy and very favorable conditions were created for individual entrepreneurs, which led to establishment of a huge and diverse enterprise like STP that developed industry of the country. STP is one of the biggest taxpayers contributing to the stable development of the economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Sumgait Technologies Park (STP), being a pioneer in establishment of techno parks in the region is huge complex of factories specialized in various production fields. STP, being a rare project in the region is capable to fully meet the needs of both domestic and foreign market of Azerbaijan.

Establishment of the techno park especially in Sumgait along with substantially contributing to economic development of Azerbaijan, indicates restoration of historical traditions of Sumgait that was formerly established as an industrial center in the Caucasus.

Today 4500 employees are working in construction and mounting, as well as production fields of STP. After factories under construction are commissioned, number of staff will be increased by 1 000 people which subsequently will facilitate improvement of social living standards.

STP was commissioned by Mr Ilham Aliyev, the head of the state on December 22, 2209.

All factories of STP have been equipped with state of art technological equipment made in Europe. Raw materials used in the production process have also been imported from leading European countries.

​​Design and construction of new factories is ongoing in the area of industrial buildings with total area of 250 ha.

All factories of STP have been equipped with laboratories made in Europe and certified in accordance with AZS ISO/IEC 17025-2009 standards; all products produced in STP have necessary certificates. ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards are also applied in STP.

Our vision

Success of our business is based on 3 main factors – Quality, Comfort and Honesty. PlastanGroup has deserved to be called leader. In order to achieve quality meeting international standards we utilize modern equipment and materials, apply leading technologies and therefore we are considered a pioneer of many technologies imported to Azerbaijan.

However no progress is possible without humans. Therefore the main value for us is human factor. The main fund of the company is people working here. Today we have a competent and strong team capable to solve issues of any complexity. Companies are headed by highly professional people who have rich experience in management and can ensure stability and development of the company.

Vision of our business GLOBALITY. We realize responsibility of constructors in the process of integration to the world community. Indeed we construct our future by constructing buildings. Future of our country depends on us.

Our Values

PlastconGroup builds its activities on the following keystones:

  • Workmanship – PlastconGroup engages highly professional personnel for implementation of all projects regardless of the scope, utilizes up to date and innovative products and delivers all services in accordance with international standards.
  • Customer satisfaction – our company constantly strives toward perfection while serving our customers, protects their interests, pays attention to their requirements and endeavors to justify their expectations
  • Responsibility – PlastconGroup carries out all responsibilities it has undertaken and promises in a quality and timely manner.
  • Quality - To provide high quality products and services.
  • Human Resources - To constitute a professional team by investing in development of human resources.
  • Society - Rational and comprehensive approach towards social responsibility
  • Social Responsibility - Sosial məsuliyyətə zehinli və hərtərəfli yanaşma
  • Transparency - To demonstrate clarity of activities and transparency among our partners, customers and employees

It's these significant values that help us to earn and maintain confidence of our customers, partners and employees. Rapid growth of the projects we carry out successfully indicates progress of our company, quality of our services and proficiency of our specialists which make us proud.

  • Our goal is to define needs and wishes of our customers and to provide products and services of higher quality than they require;;
  • We employ honest people and believe that our employees are "self-leaders";
  • We place emphasis on motivation of our employees and provide them with material and moral support according to their performance.
  • We encourage our employees to express their thoughts straightly and freely, and attach great importance to their thoughts and ideas
  • We provide our employees with working conditions where they can work in a reliable, safe and healthy manner.
  • We conceive dynamic and sustainable improvement of our company’s employees as a basis of our achievements
  • We pay great importance to the reliance and adherence towards our company
  • We endeavor to protect the environment and the nature in our each work
  • We abide by laws of the host country
  • We treat people and organizations we interact based on principles of mutual respect and make emphasis on enhancement of human relations in a continuous manner.

Our Plans

The company intends to expand the scope of its activities and approach existing areas more broadly. Construction of new industrial facilities in a short-term is envisioned. Moreover, plans of the company include investments in non-residential constructions and investigation of new business areas

Quality management

In order to provide quality management, as well as customer satisfaction with quality of the products and services, PlastconGroup undertakes to carry out the following mission and vision:


  • Establishment and continuous improvement of the management system of the company
  • Constitute and maintain a professional team
  • Provide future generations with life of quality
  • Build the future by respecting traditions and applying state of art technology

Policy in quality management area

  • To act in accordance with legislation and International Quality Management Standard (ISO 9001)
  • To ensure safe work environment
  • To improve of employees the company
  • To use only state of art technologies in construction and production
  • To use natural resources as efficiently as possible and protect environment
  • To respect national traditions