Hot Galvanizing

The transition of the experience and know hows from the western European countries led to the creation of the most advanced and environmentally friendly Galvanizing Plant in the Region. It is really high scale production facility where output reaches 40.000 tons of steel annually.
Plant is completely en­capsulated, so no exhaust air can escape during cleaning, rinsing and galvanizing, furthermore, waste-water and air constantly purified and fed back into the production process, therefore, strict environmental regulations are met.

Maximum dimensions of galvanized constructions

Galvanization bath capabilities length, m width, m height, m
automatic mode 15,0 1,4 2,7
manual mode 18,0 1,4 2,0

Harmful fumes of the hydrochloric acid which is used for pickling are removed via scrubber. Considering the negative impact of hydrochloric acid fumes to the environment, cleaning and rinsing zone has been fully sealed. Hydrochloric acid contaminated water is cleaned by means of special neutralizing device. Water is neutralized by means of alkali (NaOH) with some additives and drained to the sewage system. Acidity level (pH) is automatically monitored. The galvanizing bath is arranged in a encapsulated zone for reducing the risk of the atmosphere contamination with Zinc Oxide fumes which occurs during immersion of the steel. Contaminated air is filtered automatically prior to releasing to the atmosphere.