Sandwich Panels

The following products and semi-products are manufactured at the factory:

  • Sandwich panel for roofing
  • Sandwich panel for wall covering
  • Grid panel
  • Grid (semi-product)
  • Foam (semi-product)
  • Accessories

Light weight, high quality, excellent heat insulation, easy mounting and demounting, durability, high water resistance, fire resistance, sound insulation, corrosion resistance and other features make sandwich panels extremely necessary construction material for roof covering, external and partition walls in all climatic zones.
Sandwich panels covered with iron board from both sides, and consist of the space heating structure.

The production process of sandwich panels is divided into 3 stages:
Intermediate product foam is produced at the 1st stage. The finished foam will be sized in accordance with the parameters of panel which will be produced.
At the 2nd stage of sandwich panels production, shaping of top and bottom iron panels, systematical loading of foam on equipment, spreading of glue on the surface of steel panels by glue spreading equipment, pressing of these layers by pressing machine are realized. The cutting equipment is carving up the finished panels to the required sizes. The finished panels are then transmitting to the packing machines.
At the 3rd stage, the finished panels are then packaging in specified quantities according to their types and thicknesses, and collected in storage for transportation.

Longitudinal contour of upper and lower covers of wall and roof panels produced in Sandwich panels factory is trapezium-shaped.
Polymer covered iron plates with thickness of 0.5-0.6 mm and width of 1000-1250 mm are used in the production of Sandwich panels.
The profiles are composed of zinc, anti corrosion, polymer, protective varnished layers and they have high quality and durability.
The color of sandwich panel is taken from the "RAL" catalog depending on the customer's desire.
A self-extinguishing polystyrene is used as a heat insulation in the design of sandwich panels
Weight of foam is 17 kg/m3.
Panels are provided with necessary set for installation. These elements are ridged elements, drainage systems, shaped parts and other elements which give architecture and originality to the building.
There are different kinds of these elements depending on forms and places in which they used.

Types and technical parameters of sandwich panels:

Sandwich panels Thickness, H mm Length, L mm Width, B mm
roof 50; 75; 100; 125; 150; 200 2400÷14000 1080; 1000 (montaj)

Technical parameters of sandwich panels:

# Parameters Norm
1 Density, kq/m³, not to exceed 16-20
2 Thermal conductivity, W/m•K 0,028
3 Within 24 hours the water absorption capacity if relative air humidity is 96%, volume%, not more 0,1
4 Water saturation during 24 hours, volume%, not more 1
5 Strength, kg • force / cm2, not less than
During tightening 3
During pressure 2,5
During sliding -
6 Modulus of elasticity, kg • force / cm2, not less than 100
7 Modulus of slipping kg • force / cm2, not less than 45
8 Cohesive strength of heater on metal sheets , kg•Power/cm2, not less than:
In fluent separation 3
During sliding 2,5

Thickness, H mm The thickness of the iron plate, mm Weight of steel plate, Kg / m2 Density of foam, Kg / m3 Weight of sandwich panel, Kg / m2
50 0.5 8.8 0.85 9.65
60 0.5 8.8 1.02 9.82
75 0.5 8.8 1.275 10.075
80 0.5 8.8 1.36 10.16
100 0.5 8.8 1.7 10.5
125 0.5 8.8 2.125 10.925
150 0.5 8.8 2.55 11.35
200 0.5 8.8 3.4 12.2