Plastcon Group

Exclusive Distributor of STP

Plastcon Group, which carries out the production and sale of polymeric products, has begun official cooperation with the Sumgait Technologies Park (STP) since 2013. It is the exclusive Distributor of STP since 2017.

Professional- Operative

Plastcon Group is proud to serve Polymer products professionally and efficiently. It also reinforces this with FREE delivery.

International standards

Plastcon Group, which produces and sells polymeric products, produces products that meet the ISO standards together with Sumgait Technologies Park (STP).

Company profile

Plastcon Group sells polymeric products (pipes and pipe fittings), concrete pipes, concrete wells, steel products and type of cables.

Beyond that, directions of activities of the company includes organizing the sale of the materials required in establishment of water, gas and sewerage systems, as well as other construction fields. Implementation of successful projects and continuance of works in this field stands in the center of our activities.

Our Values


PlastconGroup engages highly professional personnel for implementation of all projects regardless of the scope, utilizes up to date and innovative products and delivers all services in accordance with international standards.

Customer satisfaction 

our company constantly strives toward perfection while serving our customers, protects their interests, pays attention to their requirements and endeavors to justify their expectations.

Human Resources 

To constitute a professional team by investing in development of human resources.

Social Responsibility 

Rational and comprehensive approach towards social responsibility

Partners and Employees

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